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 Hello, I’m Rachel, a qualified career transition coach, NLP Practitioner and mentor.

I combine 25+ years of leadership experience gained in the pharmaceutical industry with coaching and a real passion for helping my clients develop their career.

Career transition can feel overwhelming. So many what ifs?! It can help to talk it through with someone independent. I’ll help you choose which goals to work on first and then help you break them down into manageable steps in line with your priorities. 

Did you know?

People typically change jobs ten to twelve times in their career

~40% of staff who come from an outside organisation, fail

 Just under 50% of leaders are seen to under-perform during their transition

People who report to a leader who is struggling in transition are 20% more likely to be disengaged or leave.

Those figures will change year to year, but you get the idea.

Does that surprise you?

Do any of these situations resonate?

I’ve got an interview, but I’ve not had one in so long! I feel rusty. Where do I start?

I’ve got a new job! I feel so overwhelmed. There’s so much to do and learn.

My job is ok, but there must be more than this.

I don’t feel like my career is progressing as I’d hoped it would.

I want more balance between work and home life.

I feel stuck. I’m procrastinating.

I hear friends and colleagues talk about how they are moving  forward in life, but I’m not. 

I’m thinking of retiring, but who will I be then?

I can help you work out what's important to you, so that you choose what to do next.

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Coaching will be held via Zoom/Skype or WhatsApp No matter what programme you sign up for, sessions are bespoke to each client and will range between 45 to 90 minutes, depending on where in the programme you are.


Understand your preferred communication style.

Know your strengths and possible blind spots.

Identify how to better relate to other team members.

New Job - 90 Day Transition

Build a business aligned strategy for the first 90 days and beyond.

Avoid the overwhelm, take control and focus on what’s important.

Make the job your own.

Career Transition

Thinking about making a change in your career?

Define how you want to spend your life.

Redefine your identity.

What my Clients Say About Me

"I have had several coaches throughout my career; Rachel was by far, the best coach with which I have ever worked. Rachel’s manner is calm and attentive. She held me accountable for actions I committed to and was always genuinely interested in me and how I was doing. She listens deeply and asks thought provoking questions. Rachel’s coaching helped me identify what it is that truly inspired me and helped me sort through career options".
Quality Director, Philadelphia
"Rachel helped me prepare for an interview for a new role. I had to prepare a presentation and we discussed content, tone and areas of focus. The two sessions were invaluable in providing me with the confidence to go into the interview and sell myself as being suitable and ready for the new role. Thanks to the time spent with Rachel I was successful in my application for this role, which is a significant step up in my development journey."
Quality Manager, Tayside
" Rachel was coaching me on goals related to my future business – I was experiencing a lack of clarity at the time. Rachel was consistently patient and flexible - able to work with whatever I brought to the session. She demonstrated her ability to create excellent rapport with me and to maintain interest in the face of my lengthy ramblings, and I never felt judged or misunderstood in any way. Through her purposeful questions and her willingness to give me the space to fully explore a number of ideas throughout the coaching sessions, I am now far clearer about my vision."
Coach, Kent

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