This is for you if you want greater clarity on who you are and what’s important to you in your career. If you’re not sure if you’re in the right career or you’ve got various options and you’re not sure what’s the best one for you. Perhaps you’re thinking of retiring? This programme will help you understand what you want next.

Over 6-8 sessions, you will define what you really love, what’s important to you in your life and career. There’s some research for you to do in between coaching sessions so that you come up with a short-list of possibilities. Then you’ll build a strategy and action plan that will help you move towards your career goal, with purpose.

There are 4 key stages, outlined below. 

Self Reflection

Develop deeper self awareness and understanding. 

Some pre-work begins your review of your motivators / interests / values / knowledge/skills/attributes/work and other experience.

DISC profile analysis – understand your communication preferences

We’ll cover this over two 90 minute  sessions

This is where you are now.


Research and explore

What roles are out there and how do these align with self reflections.

How do they match with your desired life balance?

What would need to change?

This is where you’ll do some personal research and define your future career goals, typically in one 60 minute session.

These are your possibilities.

Plan & set goals

Decide on some occupation shortlists to explore further.

What are the pros and cons of each?

How do they align with your career development goals?

Would you enjoy doing the role every day?

Is it realistic in terms of salary and environment?

This will be covered in one sixty minute session


Seek, search and create opportunities

Develop your career transition strategy.

This is a flexible stage and you’ll decide what you want to do next, but typically this will comprise of two one hour sessions, which could include:  

What’s the gap between your current and future career plan?

What’s the application process for jobs in your chosen area? Interview / assessment centre etc.

How does your CV match up, does it need updating?

Do you have a killer LinkedIn profile? 

Are your success stories ready to share in an interview? Do they need updating or fine tuning?

This is where you want to get to.

What’s included:

Six 1:1 coaching sessions held over 6 months, based on a tried and tested strategy aligned to your individual needs.

Plus an optional two 1:1 sessions that sharpen your job search skills – CV/LinkedIn and interview practice. 

A values elicitation exercise (£75 value) to understand what’s important to you in your work.

An individual DISC personality profile and review with Rachel. This will increase your awareness of your communication preferences. (£99 value).

A client work-book to use during your programme, which will help to focus your self-reflection. 

You will develop a deeper understanding of:

– what’s important to your career and life balance

– your life purpose

– where you want to realign your career and life

– what actions to take next

Full Pay


6 sessions = £1000 one time payment

additional sessions charged at £99 each

(Best value)

6 sessions = 6 monthly payments of £180 each 

additional sessions charged at £99 each