Are you wondering what DISC personality profiling is and how it can improve your relationships?

Do you find that it’s really easy to communicate with some people, but harder to communicate with others?

Perhaps you find them too direct, too insincere, too slow, to cautious?

They are great people, but there’s just something that grates now and again.

Imagine if you could understand them at a deeper level. That’s where DISC personality profiling can shed some light on your own and other people’s communication preferences. As a result this will then help you adapt how you interact with them, so that you generally get on better. It will clarify how you may show up day to day, in the work environment and when under stress.

Here’s a picture showing the basic DISC personality types:

See the source image

In reality we are a combination of types, not just D or S, but SC or DC for example. However, it’s also not about labelling each other. It can really help to explain why we may behave in certain ways.

Here’s an example: 

Bob has a D personality preference. This means he’s outgoing and very task focussed. As someone with an S style preference, Daniel is typically reserved and enjoys working with people. When Bob gets stressed, Daniel’s view is that he micro-manages activities, just wants things done his way and does not consider the impact on the team. Bob often wishes that Daniel would speed up. Neither styles are wrong, but by understanding their different styles Bob and Daniel could relate to each other better.

Team Disc profiling

How well a team works together essentially depends on how well individuals communicate with each other. A team can flourish with having different styles. Find out more about your team’s preferences, so that they can adjust if needed and build a deeper rapport.

How do I find out about my DISC preference?

Answering a short questionnaire will give you a fascinating insight into your communication preferences. Then either take the report away and interpret yourself, or book a 60-minute call with me. As a level 2 accredited DISC profiler I will help you interpret your report, identify strengths and possible blind spots and coach you on how you might choose to adapt your communication style.

Build team relationships with DISC. 

Profiles from each individual are overlaid to build a team picture. How well balanced is it across the profiles? Is there a predominance of a particular style? What is that showing? By learning about the different preferences team members can increase their understanding of how best to relate to each other.


Report only – £45;

Report plus 60 minute coaching session with Rachel – £99

For team profiling and coaching packages, please get in touch.

In conclusion, DISC personality profiling will illuminate your communication preferences, identify areas where you could improve communication and highlight how to manage situations in times of stress.