Transition into your new job in 90 days! 

Follow a proven framework that moves you from overwhelm to clarity in 90 days

I know how it feels to change jobs and want to make an immediate impact – I’ve done it 17 times! 

It can mean that you try to change everything at once and get nowhere.

Sign up today and I’ll help you take control and focus on what’s important.

Does this sound like you?

Anxious about being the new person in the team / organisation

You want to add value immediately, but you’re not sure how to

You want to make the role your own, but don’t quite know where to start

Overwhelmed at just how much there is to learn, that you’re not sure where to focus

It can be tough changing roles and/or organisation.

You may think that you need to start making changes immediately.

Perhaps you think that in order to add value you need to take action in all areas at once.

Maybe you think that you can do exactly what you did in your old job and apply it to your new one. 

Imagine having a clear strategy and plan so that you can learn what’s important about your new role and your organisation.

That will help you have those quick wins in the right areas and feel like you’re rapidly making a contribution.

Your new manager and team will quickly come to trust your judgement.

Think about having someone to talk through your concerns who has no agenda, other than to help you shine.

How would that feel?

This programme is for you if:
  • You want a strategy and plan that is aligned to the business need.
  • You want to accelerate your learning so that you transition into your new job smoothly.
  • You want laser sharp focus to make an impact in the right areas.
  • You want to add value quickly.
  • You’re prepared to do the work and take accountability for your goals and actions.

I keep it simple.

I help you focus on key strategies.

I help you slow things down, so that you can accelerate.

I listen.

I provide a safe sounding board to discuss your concerns, without judgement.

You will feel confident in your new job.


What’s included?

Seven 1:1 coaching sessions held over 90 days, based on a tried and tested strategy aligned to your individual needs. You’ll focus on what’s important and what you need to do to sustain the learning and impact beyond the first 90 days.

An individual DISC personality profile and review with Rachel. This will increase your awareness of your communication preferences. (£99 value).

Client workbooks to use during your 90 day transition, which will help to focus your learning about your new job/organisation. Bespoke to you and your priorities.

You will develop your understanding of:

– what your new role really entails;

– the expectations of your manager;

– your team’s strengths and development areas

– where you can make early wins.

 You’ll gain focus, identify what’s important to you, find early wins and in addition, feel like you’re making a difference.

And you can use this approach in future job changes.

Above all, your confidence will soar!

Hit the ground running!

Accelerate your learning

Build trust and credibility 

Your Investment

This provides you with tools you can use to self coach yourself when you next change jobs.

It will empower you to take control, to understand your role and where it fits into the organisation.

Decide what’s important to you about your career.

Your confidence will soar!

Full pay

3 pay

£1000 one payment

(Best value)

Three monthly payments of