It’s your career; don’t wait for someone else to manage it!

Take a look at the attached career development coaching wheel – it will help you self-assess how satisfied you are with your current job. If there is an imbalance, then this could explain why things feel a bit bumpy!

Instructions for the Career Development Balance Wheel

  • Highlight any areas scoring less than 7, this is where you want to prioritise first. You’ve only got so much time in the day, so don’t try to work on everything at once – that can feel overwhelming!
  • Secondly, once you’ve picked the first area, consider: what goals could you set yourself that would take your satisfaction levels one step forward? Break them down into short, medium and long term goals.

  • For example: Communication –
    • Short term goal: Understand my communication style preferences by taking a DISC personality profiling test. By 31-Jan-2021.
    • Medium term goal: Identify one team member and discuss our communication styles and agree one or two things that would improve communication between us. 31-Mar-2021
    • Long term goal: Review communication with that team member, highlight what’s working well and adjust where needed. By 30-Jun-2020

  • What strengths do you already have that would support you?
  • What actions could you take that would move you forward? By when? What could you do in the next 24 hours, 2 to 3 weeks?
  • Commit to the actions you WILL take. Just pick a couple at a time, don’t try and do too much or you’ll feel swamped.
  • Similarly, once you’ve progressed there, you move onto the next area and increase your balance scores there. And so on.

In conclusion: now you’ve assessed and identified areas for career development and taken action. How does that feel? More balanced?