Maybe you’re thinking about doing it soon, or in the next couple of years or maybe you want to think about it so that you can make the most of your choices and decisions going forward. Wherever you are in life, if you’re thinking about retirement this programme is for you!

As with any significant change, a little planning in advance of retirement will mean a much smoother transition. Many people define themselves by their choice of career. Sometimes without even realising it.

However, what happens when that part of life is over? Who are we then? Imagine spending some time reflecting on what makes you YOU and what you want in the future and then building a plan to achieve that.

In 9 sessions taken over 9 months we will cover:

  1. Firstly, what does retirement mean to you? How you define it will impact how you live it.
  2. A look back at your past career and life – what motivates you, what are your values and interests?
  3. The next phase – what does it look like? Spending time with family, your social life, do you want to support the community, do some voluntary work?
  4. Options – what could you do, how could you best use your time before you retire and after?
  5. Resources – what do you have at your disposal and what do you want more of? Money, resilience, physical aspects, relationships.
  6. Create and Implement your plan – what do you want to achieve, what are the first steps?