Vocation and why I do what I do

This month, I’ve been thinking about vocation and why I do what I do. Last year I left the corporate world. For pretty much all of my working life it had supported my development, helped me grow as a person and as a leader. It gave me access to learn from wonderful, inspiring people and enabled my financial freedom.

But why would you do that, I hear you ask? The reason was simple, to spend more quality time with family and friends. “What are you doing next?” people queried. “I’m taking a break and then I fancy starting a history degree in October”. “You should be a Coach, you’re good at that”, many said.


I spent the second half of 2019 sleeping, reconnecting with family and friends, travelling (oh how I miss you, travel) and sleeping! The enrolment day for the history degree came and went. At Christmas I thought about coaching again (it had never really gone away). Could I be successful running it as a part-time business? I enrolled in a personal performance coaching diploma to cement and develop my understanding of how to coach.


You see, I’ve been coaching individuals and teams for over 15 years and it is something that I truly love. Before I was first coached I thought if I showed my feelings or asked for help, that I was showing weakness. What I learnt was that being vulnerable is a strength and it’s how we grow. Also the benefit of working with a coach is that they are not your friend or family. You may never meet them (especially at the moment!) and it’s often easier to broach things with someone who can be detached, yet who believes in you and wants the best for you.

So I did it. With the help of my coach, I identified all of the different components I would need to complete to set up a business. I worked through them bit by bit, step by step. Finally, I took several deep breaths and set up Seascape Coaching Ltd.

Why I do What I do

It’s been so rewarding. I am so fortunate to see people raise their own self-awareness. To be with them when they have a break-through; hear them find their power. To see how they literally glow with confidence as they take one step forward and then another. Knowing that it all came from within themselves, with me cheering them on from the other side of the computer screen.

A Work in Progress

Like myself, Seascape Coaching Ltd is a work in progress. However, as I reflect back at the end of 2020, I know that I’m paying forward all that the corporate world invested in me. I haven’t left it behind, I carry it with me.

That’s a great feeling!

If you want help in finding your vocation and purpose in life, get in touch. Email rachel@seascapecoaching.co.uk